Private School Jewel Pics


I had to remove the see through shirt video as YouTube deleted it for sexual content. Here’s Private School Jewel at the beach, playing with her hula hoop. Still hot!

Watch the full video here and see what other tricks Jewel knows!

Pics of Private School Jewel stripping naked outdoors. I can’t get enough of this hotty!

Do you like Jewel’s new dress? To be honest, I found it kind of hard to focus on all that glitter when there’s such a hot distraction. Can you see now why I’ve fallen in love with Private School Jewel?


Three photos of the 18 year old highschool babe Private School Girl Jewel to give you a taste of what this Tumblr site is going to be about: Jewel.

She’s one of my favorite nude teens on the internet right now, gorgeous, youthful, energetic and fun are some of the reasons I adore her, but really, it’s her perfect body and complete innocent mannerisms that hit all the right spots for me.

You can tell instantly that her site isn’t one of those big corporate porn sites that pump out the same old videos on different domains. This is a real unique site dedicated to Jewel and her sexy girlfriends having real fun together.

One of the best things I’ve found about her site, is the fact that Jewel interacts with her members through her online forum, regularly keeps us up to date with her online journal (blog) and even does live webcam shows, which are my personal favorite.

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